Bad Sci-Fi Short Story Jam

For those who might not know, Andy Kelly is running a story jam for bad science-fiction short stories. Awful writing is a secret pleasure of mine, as it’s either hilarious or educating me on how to be less shit at this writing lark.

In more recent times we’ve had the infamous THE EYE OF ARGON to entertain us, but bad writing and the enjoyment of it is an old artform. There’s the case of Amanda McKittrick Ros, whose writing was so awful that J.R.R Tolkien and friends would try reading aloud her works and see who could go the longest without laughing. There’s even a place in my heart for bad fanfic too, like My Immortal or the notorious Half Life: Full Life Consequences.

I encourage everyone to enter, the email address and very loose rules can be found at the site proper here where I look forward to reading your intended shitty writing.

In turn below is my magnum opus, entitled SPACE OF ADVENTURE IN SPACE. I took an hour out to do it and had good fun, if it gets a few laughs then it was totally worth my time.



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