EGX Rezzed 2015

I went to EGX Rezzed. During this I spent some time in the press room, enjoying free cups of water.

This was truly how the other half lived.

One journalist in a corner putting together a list of games that were nothing to do with the show, Mike Bithell over there on twitter. Ten people sat around the altar of phone charge. To be worthy of this space I’d have to do something, and my 4 year old credentials from a year at PC Gamer weren’t going to cut it. I would have to write something brilliant, transcendent, inspiring and insipid. An article worthy of my name, nay lineage.

Here’s some games I half-remembered playing at Rezzed.



The offspring of Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress, this is a game about being in space but on a planet, in space. Or it might have been a moon. I think it’s a moon as people are wearing space suits which is a thing you do on moons I’m pretty sure. You build rooms whilst a bit lost about what to do and command Marvin the depressed robot to mine walls. Then monsters come along and you build a glowstick in defense.

It’s early days still really, with a big 0.50 patch coming soon. Progress so far looks like it will actually get to a stage of being more complete and satisfying than Spacebase DF-9 ever was. A showroom floor with people busy queuing behind you and a demo with no clear end in sight is entirely the wrong place to play it mind. I was given a physical glowstick though so it gets a 9/10.



Phoenix Wright, but everyone’s an animal in Victorian times and it’s drawn in a lovely ink engraving art style and fantastic music. Lots of animal puns. Game of show. Must buy.



The person I was with wanted to play a game near to this, and I felt like a sit down and this game was nearby with nobody currently playing it. You can’t sit infront of something and not play it, that would be rude. My friend finished their game to go to the bathroom soon after I started this negating the need to play it, but I felt I hadn’t played it for long enough with the dev standing behind me so felt obliged to carry on.

It’s a first person puzzle platformer game with a story about god foxes, which means you can draw triangles to solve levels. It felt like a well done HL 2 mod and was a bit slow to get on with things, but I found myself genuinely enjoying it. If it came out for a fiver I’d spend an afternoon relaxing to it.

EDIT: It’s been pointed out to me it was already released late last year, and is currently on sale at around a fiver. I’m really good at research and fact-checking.



Known colloquially as “that game with the coffin”, it was a game with a coffin. And a 30 minute queue. One person played a first person platformer trying to find the coffin, the other laid in a coffin then had a VR headset showing them inside of a coffin and would have clues to read out.

A lot of potential for a great claustrophobic experience, sadly rendered useless. The game isn’t randomised, so if you see someone ahead of you playing it you know exactly where to go. Rather than having clues etched onto the lid of the coffin, instead *spooky* white text flashes up with cheesy clues. The other player doesn’t even need the clues, as the game is one long corridor meaning most experiences lasted under 5 minutes. Not really the impression they were going for by any means and as it’s a student project, I doubt they’ll have the time/money/inclination to continue with it. Bloody students.

It was quite comfy to lay down in though.


Fractured Space

Dota 2 meets Star Trek Online. 5vs5 lane pushing but with spaceships. I didn’t play this one but it looked cool. 10/10.


titan souls

I’ve never played Shadow of the Colossus. I hate/am bored by Dark Souls. This was great though, basically a boss rush game where both you and the boss die in a single hit, and you only have one arrow. I was shit at it. Eurogamer Gold Badge/10.


There were some other really good and bad games I played, but I can’t be bothered to draw any more. They’re all probably 7/10 and roughly 50% had kickstarters attached to their flyers.

EGX Rezzed was a good experience with nice games and passable people, with the Tobacco Docks being an excellent venue and the relaxing opportunity to informally chat to devs whilst playing their game is an experience that should not be passed upon. If you hate the soulessness & sweaty cramped conditions of other expos this was a refreshing change, though as it lacked a decent pub nearby I give it 1/10.